AirPixel Technologies is the U.S. subsidiary of Bluecard Technologies Corp., a Chinese publicly listed Hi-Tech corporation. It was created, in partnership with FrSky, in order to better serve the large, North American market of the hobby industry. We strive to provide excellent technical and customer support to bring better value to customers and dealers of FrSky products.


Prior to the creation of AirPixel, customers' and dealers' only option for support was to contact FrSky directly. Although FrSky is a great company and has great products, there are inherent logistical issues when working with an overseas company. We aim to bridge that gap by providing services that our customers need and expect from FrSky.


Our services include technical support, repairs (warranty and non-warranty), and distribution services. We are excited to work with and help the RC community with their FrSky products. So whether you are a pilot with FrSky equipment or a dealer or a flight club we are happy to assist you in any way we can.

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